The newest way to check your temperature

a revolutionary re-useable stick-on thermometer developed by doctors

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How It Works

  • Place the stick-on thermometer onto bare skin.
  • When you bring your phone near the device, a subcircuit powers up the microprocessor, handshakes with the device, and exchanges commands.
  • Open the Zera app on your smartphone.
  • Then presto, you see the temperature on the App.

Easy-To-Read, Color-coded Temperature

We're keeping it simple: the light is green if your temperature is normal, orange is elevated, red for high and blue for cold temperatures.

Alerts For Worrying & Dangerous Temps

If a dangerous spike occurs, or your high temperatures falls in dangerous territory, you'll know instantly.

Let Your Child Sleep

Monitor temperature remotely from the mobile app while your child gets much-needed rest.

Works with all ages

Why Zera Is Better Than Other Temperature Measurement Devices

1. Ease of use

Zera allows you to use your phone to read, store, track and share your information securely.  Most thermometers cannot offer all these features and those that do can cost significantly more than the Zera.  For a comparison, consider that stick thermometers, whether digital or mechanical, do not offer this ease of use and require the user to remember or record the prior temperature. Temperature guns offer ease of use and can store values; however, the individual patient’s values are not immediately available and all users are lumped together.  There are devices that can cover the ease of use and the functionality of the Zera but these can cost $300+.

2. Easy To Store And Access

Zera is small and easily stored in a first aid kit. Whether a single Zera or a pack you can be confident to find them when you need them. Again for comparison, stick thermometers can also be stored in first aid kits but do not offer the same functionality. Other types of thermometers are generally too bulky to be stored in a first aid kit requiring the user to keep track of another devices location.

3. Sterile Or Clean Application

Temperature probes (unless in the operating room and used in the operative field) do not have to be sterile. However, they should be clean or require no touch. The best of all worlds is the no touch or a reasonable facsimile thereof which is the temperature gun or Zera. The Zera is an ’apply once ’use over a period of time and discard device. Each unit is clean to start with. For the stick and ear probes you need to clean between uses or change sheaths to make certain not to potentially spread germs. The temperature gun is the most straight forward hands off approach quickly followed by the Zera.

4. Day And Night Application

Day and Night application - All the units can be used at any time. However, only the temp gun, some costly all in one vitals tracking units, and the Zera can be used without disturbing the patient or subject (eg. parent taking a child’s temperature) provided they are positioned properly. The stick and ear probes generally. require a manipulation or participation of the patient / subject.

5. Ease Of Continuous Monitoring

Zera is the only device in this category. Zera is attached to the user and queried when needed and handles the rest from there. One, ten or a hundred users does not make a difference in terms of personalized data recording and tracking. Having the history is important, unfortunately, most temperature units cannot provide this requiring the user to either hand record the results or use another device to track temperature.