Zera ThermoSpot

Stick, Tap & Track Temperatures With Our Smartphone Enabled Thermometer Sticker

  • Small Thermometer, Big Vision

    Apply the sticker to your neck, forehead or underarm to get reliable readings. Opt-in to our aggregate & anonymous data-sharing feature to help identify and mitigate global seasonal illness trends like Coronavirus.

  • Great For The Whole Family

    Our mobile app allows you to track up to 10 different users. There is also a 'field scan' feature for mass use cases. Available for both iOS and Android in May 2020.

  • Not The Launch We Planned

    While Zera has been in technical development for 2 years we have moved our launch rapidly forward. We want to do our part to help during this COVID-19 pandemic. Accurate and timely temperature pre-screening will help you and the rest of humanity determine who should receive a PCR test.

Zera ThermoSpot

Easy to use and record temperatures for kids & adults alike.

  • iOS & Android

    Compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones (NFC capability required). App will be available in May 2020.

  • Easy Application

    Apply it like any bandage. The hydrogel ensures high quality readings. Recommended placements are forehead, behind your ear or underarm.

  • Family Profiles & Field Modes

    Scan & track temperatures for up to 10 people within the app. Use the field mode setting for large audience measurments.

  • Global Early Warning

    Opt-in to help track the spikes in temperature across the globe. High temperatures in dense areas can be an early indicator of a flu-like pandemic.

Meet The ThermoSpot

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